Willow bark – Nature aspirin

Shines out as a gentle skin care giant, packing a wallop of a punch when targeting problem zones, all the while staying sympathetic to those sensitive areas.


Willow Bark Tree

White willow bark, is available in the form of actual bits of tree bark for chewing, powder, and liquid extract. The usual dose of white willow bark is 240 milligrams (mg) a day. Now, although willow bark provides similar benefits like aspirin.

Many medical Experts from (University of Maryland Medical Center, Rocky Mountain Wellness Clinic) willow bark can be an excellent natural alternative to aspirin, eliminating the side effects of the tablet. So, get chomping at the bit!

The consumption of white willow bark may help reduce the tension from headache-related pain. It contains the chemical salicin similar to acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin. The University of Maryland Medical Center states feeling the effects of willow bark may take longer to experience, but the effects can last longer compared to aspirin.

Willow Bark Tree

Willow bark supplements could be a natural remedy for lower back pain, neck, and muscle aches.

A 2001 study published in the journal Rheumatology found in a group of nearly 200 people with low back pain, those who received low doses of willow bark showed a significant improvement in pain.

As the American Heart Association acknowledges a daily low-dose of aspirin a day can prevent heart attacks and stroke.

The tablet has been linked to reducing the risk of internal clotting, which is related to these two health conditions. Since the effects of aspirin and willow bark have been comparable, it is believed willow bark extract may reap similar benefits.

Willow bark is considered to be a safer and natural alternative for those who can’t stomach the side effects of aspirin.

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Willow Bark Tree
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