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Maurya Emperor Ashoka


  • Interesting facts about Ashoka the Great is he was the third ruler of the Mauryan Empire.
  • King ashoka lived from 304 to 232 BCE and was the third ruler of the Indian Mauryan Empire.
  • Asoka quickly grew into an excellent warrior. Under ashoka the Mauryan army started growing day by day.
  • Ashoka ruled the largest ever in the Indian subcontinent and one of the world’s largest empires at that time.
  • He became a model of kingship in the Buddhist tradition.
  • Under Ashoka India had an estimated population of 30 million, It was the highest ever population calculated under a Kingdom.
  • Ashoka support of the monastic Buddhist communities, his decision to establish many Buddhist pilgrimage sites.
  • A particular story telling that Ashoka built 84,000 stupas called as Buddhists building a place for meditation.
  • Stupas served as an example to many Chinese and Japanese rulers who imitated Ashoka’s initiative.
  • Following his successful but bloody conquest of the Kalinga country on the east coast, Ashoka renounced armed conquest and adopted a policy that he called “conquest bydharma” (Means principles of right life).
  • King Ashoka was the grandson of the great Chandragupta Maurya, the founder emperor of the Maurya Dynasty.
  • The Maurya empire was started dying, after the death of Indian ruler Ashoka.



Ashok Pillar - Indian Emblem - Factins
Ashok Pillar

Kalinga War:

  • He conquered Kalinga which was considered as one of his great achievement that had not done by his ancestors.
  • At 261 BCE, King Ashoka done a war against a feudal state named Kalinga with the goal of enlarging their territory, it is still considering one of the most brutal and bloodiest wars in world history.
  • After Kalinga war, Ashoka controlled all the Indian subcontinent except extreme southern part.
  • In that war Ashoka conquers Kalinga. But 100,000 to 150,000 of people died that bloodshed makes him speechless, and he turns towards non-violence.


Some edict of ashoka:

  • 1. Medical care for human as well as animals throughout his Empire.
  • 2. One should always respect one’s parents, priests and monks.
  • 3. Prisoners to be treated humanely.
  • 4. He welcomed all religions as they desire self-control and purity of heart.
  • 5. He considered giving the dharma to others is the best gift anyone can have.
  • 6. Ashoka had 14 edicts in stone pillars and had them placed at strategic places around his kingdom.


Ashoka Edicts on Rock - Factins
Ashoka Edicts on Rock



The Great stupa at sanchi - interesting facts about ashoka the great - Factins
The Great stupa at sanchi


  • King ashoka creates rock edicts and pillar edicts.
  • In the rock edicts, He talks about religious freedom.
  • Pillar edits found at Sarnath, that become India’s national emblem.


Edicts on Ashoka Pillar - interesting facts about ashoka the great - Factins
Edicts on Ashoka Pillar


Quick Facts:


Header Information
Full Name Ashoka Maurya
Born 304 B.C.
Birthplace Pataliputra (modern day Patna)
Reign 268 –232 B.C.
Title Devanam Priyadarshi
Relion and Belief Buddhism
Queens Asandhimitra, Devi, Karuvaki, Padmavati, Tishyaraksha
Children Mahendra, Sanghamitra, Tivala, Kunala, Charumati
Predecessor Bindusara
Successor Dasharatha
Father Bindusara
Mother Devi Dharma
Success in War’s Kalinga
Ruled Area All the Indian subcontinent except extreme southern part
Arts and Creations The Great Sanchi Stupa, rock edicts and pillar edicts
Death 232 BCE
Symbol Lion
Dynasty Maurya


Interesting facts about Ashoka the Great:


Ashoka Stupa - Four Lions - Indian Emblem - interesting facts about ashoka the great - Factins
Ashoka’s Four Lion Capital – Indian Emblem


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