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India is the largest country in the South Asia Region, located in the center of South Asia, and borders shares with Pakistan to the north-west, China and Nepal to the north, Bhutan to the north-east, and Bangladesh, Myanmar are to the east and Sri Lanka lies to extreme south, Maldives to the south-west and has maritime boundary with Indonesia to the south-east of India in the Indian Ocean.

India is the seventh largest country in world by area. Population over billion people after china.

Its much higher birth-rate then any other country in the world which leads india takes to number within next 10 years. Not a good sign !! People and government have an eye to control the population.


All you need to know about India :

Header Information
Official Title Indian Rebulic
Location South Asia
Capital New Delhi
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
Currency Rupees (₹)
Area 3.287 million km²
Population 1.324 billion (2016)
Official Language Hindi, English
Popular Cities New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, hyderabad
Natioanl Anthem Jana Gana Mana
Phone Calling code +91
Largest city Mumbai
Religion Hinduism,Islam,Christianity,Sikhism,Buddhism,Jainism
People Density 393.5/km2(1,019.2/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+05:30
Internet TLD .in
Number of Heritage Places 36
Longest River in India Ganges, 2600 km
National Animal Tiger
Naational Bird Peacock
National Game Hockey
Highest Prestige Award Bharat Ratna
Roadways Length 4,699,024 km
Railways Length 68,525 km
River total length 14,500 km



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