dja river - dja faunal reserve - factins


This River is also known as the Ngoko River.


The Elevation is about  339 metres (1,112 feet).


dja river - dja faunal reserve - factins
Dja river Map
It is Located in Cameroon, Central Africa, Africa.
This rivers forms from Cameroon and ends with Sangha River in Republic of Congo.
The river is 720 kilometres long and it forms congo basin from the Dja Faunal Reserve rainforrest.
Dja Faunal Reserve is one of the largest rain forest in africa which is entirely convered by Dja River.
In Moloundou the river is navigable by small boats throughout the year and supports local fishing.


dja faunal reserve - factins
Fishing at dja river
Alestidae, Amphiliidae, Nothobranchiidae are the fresh water fishes can be found only at Dja River.


dja faunal reserve - factins
Species at Dja River


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