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Introduction :

The group of monuments at Mahabalipuram  is a 7th century treasure. These monuments were built by Pallava Kings ruled between 5th to 8th centuries. Initially these group of monuments had nearly 400 amazing ancient monuments and Hindu temples. Over the years these temples and statues are damaged now we can see only 50 monuments here. By seeing these 50 monuments itself we can’t open our mouth by their incredible talents, then think of that what will happen if we explore their entire 400 monuments.

UNESCO has identified these amazing man-made creations and listed as Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram in 1984, in cultural heritage place. The monuments include Descent of the Ganges, Pancha Rathas, Shore Temple.

The word Mahabalipuram were initially spelled as Mamallapuram which means “Great Wrestler” to praise the King Narasimha Varman I. Over the period the word turned down into Mahabalipuram. This temples are named as Pallavan Temple, Stone Temples, Mamallapuram, Mahabalipuram.

Here we have listed the stunning architecture things around Mahabalipuram.


Sea Shore Temple :

1.      The sea shore temple is also named as ‘Seven Pagodas’ by its pyramidal structure.

2.      This temple is entirely by black stone and it is the first temple. The shore temples consist two temples which is surrounded by small many rocks as compound. A big Linga statue is positioned ahead of sea.

3.      The Shore temple is to catch the first rays of the Sun. There is open space auditorium which were used for dancing and daily prayers.

4.       We can see 100 of Nandhi Statue around the shore temples, the every Nandhi statue made from a single rock. Shore Temple is built using the granite stones.

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Pancha Rathas :

1.     Near to the Pancha Rathas we can see an amazing elephant and Rogue lion which positioned in opposite directions with it. Impressively These five chariot temples are entirely made with single stone.

2.     Arjunan Temple, Throvpathy Temple, Beema Temple, Tharma Raja Temple, Saga theva Temple. All of these temples Tharma Raja Chariot is the biggest temple of all.

3.     This temple praise lord Vishnu at middle potion, Lord Shiva at the top potion and Lord Bramha at ground potion. Tharma Raja Temple is the only place which praise three gods and which also contains the Narasimman King Statue at the corner of the temple.

pancha rathas - group of monuments at mahabalipuram - factins


The Descent of the Ganges or Arjuna’s Penance :

1.     Arjuna’s Penance is a rock where the pictured creations made in a rock. This is a single rock which is 300 ft. length and 30 ft. in height. In which we can 150 statues has been designed in a rock itself. The statues are gods, animals, humans.

2.     This place also praises Lord Shiva at north portion. At the bottom of the rock it praises Lord Vishnu statue.

3.     This rock also have six pillars which seems like a bone of the rock, but actually the entire designed made by a single rock. They have designed the entire architecture with it.

arjuna penance mamallapuram - group of monuments at mahabalipuram - factins


Krishna’s Butter Ball :

1.      Krishna’s Butter Ball is a massive single rock which stands without any base.

2.      The total height this ball is about 5 meters and weight about 250 tons (Equal to weight of medium-sized Airplane). Apart from all it is estimated that the stones stands in that place nearly from 1200 years impressively.



Krishna Mandapam :

1.     In Krishna Mandapam we can identify a status which seems like Krishna saving the Ayarpadi people from Rain by making the Govarthan hill as an umbrella.

2.     Statue of Gopalar people calmly staying inside of that Kovarthanakiri Hill amazingly created. The Krishna Mandapam also has a statue that explains a cow is feeding milk to its calf  structured very well.

krishna mandapam - group of monuments at mahabalipuram - factins


Ganesh Ratha Temple :

1.     The Ratha Temple is fully created with rocks. The temple was structured by the King Narasimhavarman I. This temple praise the Lord Shiva.

2.     The temple also have plenty of inscriptions in the period of Narasimhavarman I grand son.

ganesh ratha temple mamallapuram - group of monuments at mahabalipuram - factins


Varaha Cave Temple :

1.     This Varaha Cave positioned in the south side and inside the Varaha avatharam statue. This cave also contains plenty of that explains the history of varaha avatharam.

2.     Varaha cave also have a statue Perumal sleeping peacefully over 5 head snakes on the sea.

varaha cave temple mamallapuram - group of monuments at mahabalipuram - factins


Tiger Cave :

1.     Tiger Cave located 3 km in north from Mahabalipuram, near to the sea. On center of the cave a stage was created, the stage had been used by the various artist to expose their talents.

2.     The tiger cave is fully covered with full of lion statues but still the cave named as Tiger cave.
Sri Sthala Sayanaperumal Temple.

tiger cave mamallapuram - group of monuments at mahabalipuram - factins


Crocodile Farm :

1.     Crocodile Farm is located 15 km from Mahabalipuram. Here we can see and enjoy plenty of Crocodile varieties with different sizes.

Inspirational Facts :

1.     The Mahabalipuram group of monuments is the oldest structural monuments of India. It had built before 1700 years.

2.     Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple which is 1000 years old located 200 km from Mamallapuram.

3.     Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram is one of the famous UNESCO Heritage Places in India.


Quick Facts :

Header Information
Location Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
Built Year 7th century
Built By Pallava Dynasty
Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu
Attraction Architectural Monuments
Key Significance UNESCO Heritage Place, Oldest monument in Tamilnadu, Oldest architeture monument in South India.
Distance 50 km from Chennai, 300 km from Trichy
Visting Period September to Febrary.


Conclution :

The architects recorded that many more shore temples around there. Also, believed that the other temples would have been sub merged into sea.

The Pallavas planned for nearly 200 years to create this amazing UNESCO Heritage site. Pallavas made a Temple Monuments in a Single Rock called as monolithic temple.

In 2004 Tusunami, the part of portions had appeared from the Sea. This was helped to identify the temple creations even more.

Europa Nautical stated that, the Mamallapuram had 7 shore temples, but now we can see only one shore temple. The others were destroyed over the years by the sea.

As per source the Mahabalipuram was popular trading port, this place were used as a landmark for navigation of ships.


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