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  • There are 150 of breeds of dogs.
  • The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed.
  • Dogs have wet noses because it helps to absorb scent chemicals.
  • Dogs’ sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than humans.


Labrador Retriever Dogs Love - Factins
Labrador Retriever – Most Loved dog in the world


  • The Dogs have at least 18 muscles in each ear!
  • The USA is the country with the highest pet dog population, at around 75 million.
  • Dogs see a lot better than humans do at night.
  • They can hear about 4 times the distance of a human.
  • Puppies have 28 teeth and normal adult dogs have 42.
  • A dog’s normal temperature is between 101 and 102.5 degrees.
  • A Dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 – 100,000 times more acute as that of humans.
  • Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws.
  • On average, a dog’s mouth exerts 320 pounds of pressure. Which is 5 times larger than a human power.
  • Your dog can smell your feelings by your sight.


Dogs Love - Factins



  • Well grown dog has 42 teeth.
  • The Dogs smell is 1 million times stronger than a person does.
  • Dogs can run about 19 miles per hour at full speed.
  • Average lifespan of just over 11 years.
  • A female dog carries her puppies for about 60 days before they are born.
  • It is a myth dogs are color blind, they can only identify balck, white, blue and yellow
  • Obesity is the number-one health problem in dogs. Be careful !.
  • Dogs eats all the foods what human does.
  • A puppy is born blind, deaf, and toothless.
  • Dog is the only animal which will be thankful to its owner even they beat it 100 times.
  • A group of pugs is called a “grumble.”
  • Puppies can sleep 18 to 20 hours a day.
  • Its about 400 million dogs in the world.
  • Studies shows that, Petting a dog can lower your blood pressure.
  • The U.S. has the highest dog population in the world.
  • Dogs are mentioned in the Bible more than 30 times. This tells the importance of Dogs to man-kind.
  • A dog shaped building is present in NewZealand. Its to honor the dog.
  • The wetness of the dog nose is essential as it determines from what direction a smell is coming from.
  • Dogs drink water by making their tongue into a minicup.
Dogs Love - Factins
Dogs drinking Water Style


  • Dogs can detect lung cancer and low blood sugar.
  • Keep seeds of apples and pears away from dogs, They contain arsenic. which can kill dogs.
  • A guy is 3 times more likely to get a girl’s phone number if he has a dog with him.
  • Humans and dogs first became best friends 30,000 years ago.
  • Dogs have 13 blood types.
  • The average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child
  • A dog’s nose is the equivalent to human fingerprint, each has a unique pattern.
  • Dogs wag their tails when they’re happy.
  • They can identify the difference between happy and angry human faces.
  • Dogs can tell when people are untrustworthy and will stop listening to a person if they prove unreliable.
  • It can smell their owners from 11 miles away
  • Tests has shown that a dog releases “Love Hormone” in their brains at much higher levels when compared to cats.


Dogs Love - Factins

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