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1.     Gorilla, chimpanzee, gibbons are the different types of apes.
2.     Bonobos live only in rainforest mainly in Africa’s Congo Basin.
3.     Bonobos estimated 60,000 and chimpanzees are estimated 300,000 both are listed endangered species.
4.     They habitats in Rainforests and grasslands.
5.     Apes mostly found in Africa, and orangutan, which is found in Indonesia.
6.     Its Size between 74 cm and 1.8 meters in length.
7.     Its Weight between 10 kg and 300 kg.


Gibbon - Great Apes - Factins
Gibbon – Smallest apes of its kind



8.     It is believed that Humans belong to the ape family.
9.     Apes are known as omnivores just like human.
10.     They eat mostly fruits and plants, but they occasionally snack on insects
11.     Their arms are longer than their legs.
12.     Apes don’t have tails.
13.     Apes live longer than most land mammals. Average lifespan is about 30 years.
14.     Group of Apes known as harems.
15.     Apes have the same blood type as humans.
16.     Did you know that Apes can’t swim.
17.     The apes love their babies always with them until they grow.
18.     The great Apes nurse its babies until they’re 6 years old.


Great Apes - Factins

19.     Apes have great brain just like animals.
20.     They loves to watch TV and play games.
21.     Apes have complicated fingerprints and flat nails.
22.     The gorilla is the largest ape standing about six feet tall while standing and weighing around 300 kg.
23.     Smallest ape known as gibbon.
24.     Gorilla sleeps only in ground unlike other monkeys.


Chimpanzee Group - Great Apes - Factins
24 Interesting facts about great apes
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