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1. Introduction to Shark

Sharks are aggressive and attractive species on ocean. Till now there are 430 shark types are identified by humans. Sharks mostly a deadly predator. As per source around 100 peoples are being died every year by Shark attack, impressively if we see in opposite side nearly 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year for their personal purpose.
Sharks mostly prefer to live in depth ocean areas. But a one ton large sized shark can even come and attack at sea shore side for their prey. Deadly attack..!!

We have categorized Shark Types, Shark Diets, Shark Attack, Habitats and other interesting facts about sharks.

Lets have a look at the below facts, hope you will enjoy it.

2. Important Facts about Shark

  • A Well grown Whale sharks have amazingly 3000 tooth. In which a big teeth of that may weight about 1/2 Kg and size is about 7 inches.
  • Every year 100 million sharks are killed by humans. Think who is dangerous ..!!
  • Sharks do not blink though they have eyelids. The eyes are cleaned by water. Their eye sizes.
  • When the shark stop Swim, it will die. Shark needs oxygen from water, When they stop swimming the oxygen level goes down.
  • Sharks cannot swim backward, it will get drowned when they try.
  • The Largest Shark weight has estimated is 22 tonnes.
  • The shark tail holds 35% of body mass, The total tail weight for a grown Shark estimated is 350 kg.
  • A shark bite can make 4000 PSI which is equal power of Nile crocodile.
  • Goblin Shark lives with depth of 3000 feet impressively.
  • Whale shark is the biggest shark of its kind with length about 18 meters.

3. Facts about Shark Types

  • Humans have estimated that around 400 shark types are exist in which Whale shark are considered the biggest one.
  • Sharks live in different areas based on their nature. Some important types are Great White Shark, Saw Shark, Sand Shark, Thresher Shark, Cow Shark, Basking Shark, Angel Shark, Blue Shark, Bull Shark, Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Cookiecutter Shark, Goblin Shark.
  • Great White Shark are considered as one of the largest one of its kind and average weighs about 3 tonnes.
  • Mako Sharks is considered as the fastest of its kinds with speed of 60 km/h.
  • Bull sharks are very dangerous and very aggressive.
  • Hammerhead Shark is shark named because of its head is looks like a hammer. It will grow up-to 25 feet impressively.
  • Cookiecutter Shark is the smallest shark of its kind. A well grown shark size is sized about 50 cm.

4. Shark Diets

  • Shark have diet their own kind itself, When they hungry used to eat small shark fishes.
  • A well grown shark usually eats 100 kg food per day.
  • Shark mostly prefer to eat smaller fishes, Sea Lions, and they love to eat seal. To catch seal they take deadly action by reaching sea shore.

5. Other Interesting Facts about Shark :

  • Natural predator of Shark is their largest own kinds and Whale Fish (Known as Orcas) and off-course humans.
  • Shark is aggressive but they wont attack humans, they do only when confused.
  • A shark bite can make human body into two pieces.
  • The great White shark is the only shark which can lift their head over sea.


6. Quick Facts about Shark :

Header Information
Identified 400 Million Years Ago
Scientific name Selachimorpha
Lifespan 20 to 30 Years
Length Up to 21 meters
Speed 60 km/h
Weight 15 tonnes
Types 400 Types of Species
Bite Force 400 PSI
Habitat Areas All over the World, Adapt for all Ranges
Smallest Shark Cookiecutter Shark
Biggest Shark Whale shark


7. Sharking Facts about Shark :

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