It is kind of Adansonia genus, which is well-known living place is Madagascar.

Baobabs trees are widely spread across Africa. They also grow in Madagascar, India, Ceylon and Australia.


Baobabs grow in many areas of Zimbabwe. In the Northern Province it found between the Limpopo and the Zoutpansberg range.


Adansonia Group

Baobabs grows to prefer in hot and sandy plains.

It grows up to heights of 5 to 30 m (16 to 100 ft) and diameters trunk have of 7 to 11 m (23 to 36 ft).

The fruit has a velvety shell and is about the size of a coconut, weighing about 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lb).

The dry fruit is usually boiled and the broth is used for juices.

One ancient hollow Baobab tree in Zimbabwe is so large that up to 40 people can shelter inside its trunk.

The trunk is smooth and shiny, not at all like the bark of other trees, and it is pinkish Grey or sometimes copper colored.

The fruit, which grows up to a foot long, contains tartaric acid and vitamin C and can either be sucked, or soaked in water to make a refreshing drink.



Inspirational Fact:

Baobabs Tree can hold up to 1000 liters of water in its trunk.

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