India is one of the countries in which has plenty of natural resources. 35 % of India’s lands belongs to natural places. More than 100 dams constructed for irrigation and drinking purpose. In which many dams standing across century. Here are the list of the oldest dams in India.

6. Vani Vilasa Sagara, 1907

Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam - Dams in India - Factins

Vani Vilasa Sagara commonly known as Mari Kanive located in Chitradurga District, Karnataka. It is the oldest dam in Karnataka. This dam was built by Mysore Maharajas. This place was beautiful natural tourist place in Karnataka.

  • State                       : Karnataka
  • Height                    : 160 feet
  • Length                    : 1300 feet
  • Built Style             : Saracenic style Architecture
  • River                       : Vedavathi river
  • Year Built             : 1907
  • Built By                  : Mysore Maharajas
  • Purpose of Dam : Irrigation


5. Pechiparai Reservoir, 1906

Pechiparai Dam - Dams in India - Factins

The Pechiparai Reservoir is located near Kanyakumari. Known as best visiting place around Kanyakumari.

  • State              : Tamilnadu
  • Height           : 120 m
  • Length          : 425 m
  • Area               : 207.19 km²
  • Depth            : 48 feet
  • Capacity       : 3 tmcft
  • Dam Type    : Gravity & Masonry
  • River             : Kodayar
  • Year Built    : 1906


4. Puzhal Reservoir, 1876

Puzhal Reservoir - Dams in India - Factins

Puzhal Reservoir commonly known as Puzhal aeri or Red Hills Lake located in Chennai, Tamilnadu. It is the oldest and active Reservoir which is located in Metro city. Puzhal Reservoir satisfies the thirst of Chennai people. It is one of the main beautiful attraction in Chennai.

  • State                       : Tamilnadu
  • Area                        : 4,500 acres (18 km2)
  • Storage Capcity  : 3.3 TMC
  • Dam Type              : Laterite stones
  • Average Depth     : 51 feet
  • River                        : Krishna river
  • Year Built               : 1876
  • Built By                   : British rule


3. Dowleswaram Barrage, 1850

Dowleswaram Barrage - Dams in India - Factins

Dowleswaram Barrage located in Dowleswaram. This dam was constructed by British irrigation engineer. The water mainly used for irrigation purpose. The sunset view from Dowleswaram Barrage make you feel great. On behalf this useful dam construction a statue had been made for Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton.

  • State                : Andhra Pradesh
  • Height             : 15 feet
  • Length             : 3.5 km
  • Storage            : 2.9 TMC
  • River                 : Godavari River
  • Year Built       : 1850
  • Built By            : British, Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton


2. Kodiveri Dam, Tamilnadu, Bhavani RIver, 17th Century

Kodiveri dam - Dams in India - Factins

Kodiveri dam was initially constructed by King Kongalvan in 11th century but the dam was not active till 17 th century. The dam was officially opened inn 17th century and still in active stage. The dam built using carving stones interlocked with it. The carving stones may vary up-to 20 feet. Kodiveri Dam is one of the main beautiful attraction in Tamilnadu by its amazing structure and its location.

  • State              : Tamilnadu
  • Dam Type    : Carving Rock
  • River             : Bhavani River
  • Year Built    : 17th Century
  • Built By        : Jayagonda Sozha Kongalvan


1. Kallanai Dam,  2nd Century

Kallanai Dam - Grand Anikut - Dams in India - Factins

Kallanai commonly known as The Grand Anikut is the oldest and still functioning dam in India. The construction of Kallanai is entirely different from other dams, this dam was entirely built using stone and sticking it together and they made it as Dam.

The Interesting fact about Kallanai is that this dam almost crossing 2000 years and functioning like a king. The architecture style and their creativity making us to feel grateful. The dam was initially constructed and opened during the Chola King Karikalan in Chola dynasty.

The purpose of Kallanai dam is to split the River Cauvery water and use it for irrigation purpose in different region. It is the fourth oldest and still functional dam in the world.

  • State              : Tamilnadu
  • Height           : 18 feet
  • Width            : 66 feet
  • Length           : 1079 feet
  • Dam Type     : Stone
  • River              : River Cauvery
  • Year Built     : 2nd Century
  • Built By         : Chola king Karikalan

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