Top 19 Largest Rivers in India

riversRivers are the main source for the human life, it is playing a very important role in nature, in this segment india is really blessed. India have number of rivers, we have listed important and largest in segment.


Top 10 largest Dams in India

damsIndia country has great rivers like Ganga, Brahmputra and Narmada . These rivers are having big dams and largest reservoirs in India.

Top 10 largest Lakes in India

lakesIndia has a large number of beautiful lakes and great rivers spread all over the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and in each every places in India. Lakes in India can be divide as man made as well as natural, further natural lake again divided as freshwater lake and brackish water lakes. These list will include man made and natural lakes.

Top 10 Best Train Routes in India

trainIndia has many interesting train routes across mountains, tunnel and in sea as well which reflects the greatest architectural power of Indians. In our lives a few things that we should enjoy, all through our childhood to way later. For most Indians, and people who have lived and grown up in India, it is train journeys. The Indian Railways connects 30 million people across all corners.

Top 10 Best Waterfalls in India

fallsIndia has some of the best and most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Each state has its very own show piece, making it vital to enlist the waterfalls in every state. If you’re a nature lover then this list is all you need as the best waterfalls that needs to visit at once in a lifetime to feel the nature gift of god

Top 10 Best Nature Places in India

naturalIndia the land of attractions offers some of the best landscapes in the world along with amazing natural wonders and places. Apart from the top 20 must see places across India, here is the list of most beautiful natural scenic attractions to explore around the country. India is a land of untouched natural beauty that very much makes it one of the most beautiful and serene places on earth. From the mighty mountains of Kashmir to Kanyakumari.