Coal Mining goes thousands of years back, and coal mining continues as an important economic activity today.

The Coal

Heat and Pressure on the earth produce the coal.

The Reason why we are going to coal than wood fuels is the coal yields that have higher amount of energy per mass and can often be obtained in areas where wood is not readily available.

Coal stands at high position in major developed countries as an energy resources including China, USA, India, Russia and Japan, they are consuming nearly 75% of overall coal production around the world.

Coal becomes the best part in USA day to day activities, 50% of coal consumption is used to produce electricity.

Around 6.6 billion tonnes of hard coal were used worldwide last year.

Coal was formed about 300 million years ago.

Coal unde the world

Coal is called as Dirty energy, which release negative impact for environment

Coal is mining in more than 100 counties.

37% of world’s electricity is formed from coal, because which is the easiest way to produce electricity.


Coal Mining

Coal is becoming the best part in iron or steel industry for energy resources.

Burning Coal is a way to Global warming.

Inspirational Coal Facts:

Coal is a non-renewable energy, our current stock of coal over the world enough to produce energy for next 150 years.


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