The Tarxien Temples site consists of a complex of four megalithic structures built before 5000 years back.

It was discovered in 1913 by local farmers, the site was extensively excavated between 1915 and 1919, with a number of minor interventions carried out in the 1920s, by Sir Themistocles Zammit, Director of Museums at the time.



Tarxian’s first unit was constructed in the Ggantija phase about 3600-3000 BC with a distinctive plan formed of 5 areas.

The temples were used regularly for rituals including animal sacrifice.

The Tarxien Temples is an important area which has a great significance because it gives you an insight into how the temples were constructed.


Tarxien Temple Experience
Tarxien Temple Experience


One of the largest and most complex of the prehistoric sites on the islands.

Important thing needs to know about Temple:

  1. The Temple’s Plan
  2. Interesting Wall
  3. Mysterious grove
  4. Interior of the Temple
  5. Temple Culture
  6. Inside View
  7. Large sized Stone bowl
  8. Main Entrance
  9. Domestic animals carved in relief
  10. Fat Lady Sculpture


Tarxien Temples Sculpture- Fat Lady
Sculpture- Fat Lady


Tarxien Temples - Mysterious Grove
Tarxien Temples – Mysterious Grove


Tarxien Temples - Main-Entrance
Tarxien Temples – Main-Entrance


Tarxion Temple - Interesting Wall
Interesting Wall


Tarxien Temples - Inside View
Inside View


Tarxien Temples - Domestic animals -carved in Relief
Tarxien Temples – Domestic animals -carved in Relief


Small Trillithon Shaped doorway
Small Trillithon Shaped doorway


Large Stone Bowl - Tarxien Temple
Large Stone Bowl


Bulls and Sow Carvings - Tarxien Temple
Bulls and Sow Carvings


A UNESCO World Heritage Site listed it as ‘The Megalithic Temples of Malta’ in the World Heritage List.

Home to some of the best examples of prehistoric art which have survived the millennia, including the well-known reliefs of two bulls and a sow.

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Tarxien Temples, Malta
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