Shani Shingnapur

1.    Shani Shingnapur also names as Sonai. Shani Shinganapur is famous village in Maharashtra, India.

2.    It is situated in Nevasa, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra state in India.

3.    This village is entirely different from other villages. It is believed that the people have more trust on others.

4.    On the result the all houses, shops don’t have doors. What a belief !!. But still there is no case filed against thief from this village.

5.    They never hide valuable things from others, there will be no lockers.

6.    This village also a temple named Shani, who save Shani Shingnapur peoples. The village people believing that the God punishing who is supporting theft.

Interesting facts about Shani Shingnapur Village

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