La Hougue Bie located in Jersey, Originally constructed sometime between 4,000 and 3,500 BC.

La Hougue Bie has a large picnic area where you can enjoy a day out amongst the beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Hougue Bie View
Hougue Bie View from Outside

La Hougue Bie is a historic site, with museum.

One of Europe’s finest passage graves set in beautiful surroundings, where you can learn about life in Jersey’s Neolithic community 6,000 years ago.

4000 BC is very long ago. But it is possible that La Hougue Bie contains evidence of older shrines.

Hougue Bie Inside View


La Hougue Bie is enormous, artificial, Highly unusual archaeological monument on earth mound.

It had built over several phases of construction, ending sometime around 2,900 – 2,500 BC and covered over and sealed with a huge layer of topsoil.

The history saying that Lady Hambye ordered a large mound be built upon high ground as a memorial to her murdered husband, and the body interred therein. The mound was named La Hougue Hambye of which Hougue derives from the Old Norse Haugr meaning eminence or mound.


Hougue Bie View from Outside


Bie is of uncertain origin, many of them predicting its come from Lady Hambye, over the years the name changed to Bie.

In La Hougue Bie gallery we can find some amazing objects and take the object trail around the gallery. Awoolly rhinoceros skull, stone tools, bronze weapons and coins that tell amazing stories about Jersey’s past.

La Hougue Bie diameter is 58 m and it covers almost 2 400 m2. The height of the mound is 12.2 m, The site consists of 18.6 metre long passage chamber covered by a 12.2 meter high earth mound. It hides 18.6 m long passage lined with enormous stones.

Passage is covered with great roofing slabs. The biggest stone weighs approximately 20 tons.


Hougue Bie Inside Rock View
Hougue Bie Inside Rock


It is by far the largest and best preserved of these passage graves.


Hougue Bie Inside Rock
Hougue Bie Inside Rock


This place is managed by Jersey Heritage, also houses the island’s Archeology and Geology Museum. In that section, there is a display dedicated to the Jersey Mummy.

Inspirational La Hougue Bie Museum Fact:

It is one of the largest and best preserved passage graves and the most impressive, very oldest and best preserved monument of Armorican Passage Grave group.

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