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Africa is the second largest continent located at the center of the earth. It is one of the best place to explore many unknown things. Egypt is considered the populated place in Africa. Africa contains plenty of natural resources. It also contains incredible species and animals to explore. But unfortunately many African countries are under poverty stage.


1.     Africa is considered as the second largest continent in the world. The total area is about 30,370,000 km2, which is enough to fit 10 India in it.

2.     As on 2016, the total population in Africa is about 1.3 Billion which is equal to the population of China(The largest population Country in the world).

3.     Africa has people who speak more than 1500 languages, As per the population strength 1 language / 1 million people.

4.     People density of Africa is about 1 people per 36 square km, which is 10 times lower than India‘s People density.

5.     Africa is located at the center of the world, 0 degrees longitude and 0 degrees latitude passes Africa.

6.     Islam is the preferred religion in Africa.

7.     The Largest country in Africa is Sudan. The Area of Sudan is 2,500,000 Sq. Km, which is almost equal to India’s total area.



8.     The Smallest country in Africa is Seychelles, the total area is 450 Sq. km.

9.     Nile river is the largest river in Africa and World as well, the total length of its Nile river is 6,600 km. Nile river running across 11 countries.

10.     Madagascar is the largest island in the Africa which lies on Indian ocean. The total area of Madagascar is 587,041km2. It is considered as the 4th largest island in the world.

11.     Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa continent. It is spread over 68,000 Sq. Km. It is also the second largest freshwater lakes in the world.

12.     Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak point recorded in Africa with height of 20,000 feet above sea level impressively.

13.     Africa is home-shelter for plenty of species and wild animals including giraffe, hippopotamus, crocodiles, lions, African Elephant and much more. In which hippopotamus considered the deadliest animal due to its aggressive behavior. Every year it kills more peoples than other animals do.

14.     In other side most of the African countries are under poor level, around 45% of child in Africa working as child labor.

15.     Africa holds the world longest river but still in an average, a human needs to go up-to 5 km to get water.

16.     Sahara desert in Africa is the largest desert in the world which covers 9,000,000 Sq. Km. It is enough to embed 3 USA size area.

17.     Black mamba is the longest and deadliest venomous snake in African region. It used to habitats in African forest and dessert.

18.     Baobab tree is the largest tree in Africa region. The height of Baobab tree is 22 m and 38 m diameter.



Quick Facts about Africa :

  • Total Area                           :           30,370,000 km 2
  • Total Countries                  :          55
  • Total Languages                :           1500
  • Total Population               :           1.3 Billion
  • Population Density           :          1/36 sq. km
  • Largest Animal                  :          African Elephant, 6,000 Kg
  • Largest Lake                       :          Lake Victoria
  • Largest Island                    :           Madagascar, 587,041 km2
  • Longest River                     :           Nile River, 6,600 km
  • Largest Country                 :           Sudan, 2,500,000 Km2
  • Smallest Country               :           Seychelles, 450 Km2
  • Largest Tree                        :           Baobab tree
  • Total UNESCO Heritages :          83
  • Popular Cities                      :          Nigeria Lagos,Egypt Cairo,Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa,South Africa Johannesburg,Nigeria Abuja,Sudan Khartoum,Tanzania Dar es Salaam,Egypt Alexandria,Ivory Coast Abidjan,Algeria Algiers,Nigeria Kano,Morocco Casablanca,Nigeria Ibadan,Kenya Nairobi,Ethiopia Addis Ababa,Ghana Accra
  • Deadliest Snake                   :          Black Mamba
  • Largest Dessert                    :          Sahara desert, 9,000,000 Km2
  • Popular Place                       :          Egypt
  • Largest City                          :          Cairo
  • Highest Peak Point             :          Mount Kilimanjaro, 20,000 ft.
  • Oldest Monuments             :          Egypt Monuments


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Interesting Facts about Africa
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