Interesting African wild dog facts, An African Vulnerable Wild Dog
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Introduction to African wild dog facts:

1.        African Wild Dog also popularly known as African haunting Dog, Painted Dog, Painted Wolf, Cape Haunting Dogs.

2.       This African dogs have strong bones and Chews and long legs to catch their prey easily.

3.       They usually appear with combinations red, black, yellow and white colors.

4.       This African dogs are excellent swimmers and runners and very intelligent too.

5.       These wild dogs are belongs to Carnivorous.

African Wild Dog Habitats:

1.         African wild dog loves to hunt their prey in open area, hence it used to Habitats in an open gross area, it usually avoids deep forest areas.

2.        It mostly habitats in South east Africa, Zimbabway and mostly in Sahara areas, Savanna areas.

African Wild Dog Hunting Techniques:

1.         Wild dogs are excellent in hunting techniques, They have naturally strong teeth with power of 317 PSI(One by Third of Lions Bite). Apart from all Wild dogs move is unusual, They used to move so fast and bite the prey around and making the prey worse.

2.         They are very bold and aggressive in nature, they used to hunt as a group with about 20 in count.

3.         African Wild Dogs plan very well before they start hunting. They used to form as a group and half of them start chasing the prey whereas another half of their group stands behind the prey before the hunting starts, So the prey cannot escape. Well Planner know !!.

Other Interesting Facts  about African Wild Dog :

1.        This dogs naturally have few types of enemies over there lions and Hyenas are notable enemies. Mostly lions takes the major part to reduce their counts. Hyenas are vulnerable like Wild dogs, both usually fights each other to catch the prey.

2.        Wild Dogs Pregnancy time is about 70 days, a Female dog can earn 5 to 10 dogs at a time.


Aww Facts about African Wild Dog :

1.         African Wild dog is naturally very dangerous and vulnerable, humans cannot grow these dogs as their pets.

2.        The African wild dog bite can be very vulnerable and it can make heavy damage in one bite.



Quick Facts about African Wild Dog :

Header Information
Identified Year 1820, Coenraad Temminck
Category Carnivorous
Height 23-30 Inch
Weight 30 Kg
Speed 35 Mph
Bite Force 317 PSI
Other Names African haunting Dog, Painted Dog, Painted Wolf, Cape Haunting Dogs
Habitat Areas Africa, Savanna
Conservation Status Endangered Species
Estimated Populations 5000



Conclusion to African Wild Dog :

1.            African wild dog is in Endangered list due to its counts, it was estimated that only 2000-5000 dogs are exist all over the world.

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