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1. Introduction :

  • Great King Krishnadevaraya was a successful Vijayanagara Emperor and ruled between 1509 and 1529. He belongs to Tuluva Dynasty.
  • Under his kingdom the empire had good affair with foreign countries and nearby kings. He gave very important to Arts and literature and built many important temples. He learned many languages including Kannada, Tamil, Sanskrit and foreign languages.
  • He was named as Lord of the Kannada empire, King of three Kings by local peoples.


2. As a King :

  • The Great King Krishnadevaraya  defeated the king of Orissa, Sultan of Bijapur, Bahamani ruler Ismail Adil Shah to put an end to the Muslim dominance in Southern India.
  • The Kingdom from Cuttack in eastern India to Goa in the west and Raichur Dobe in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south.
  • Krishna Deva was a great patron of art, poetry and music.
  • He built the famous Vithalswami and Hazara temple in Hampi.
  • The temples and many other more are magnificent specimens of the Vijaynagar style of Hindu architecture.


3. As a Result of  Great King Krishnadevaraya :

  • The Vijaynagar Kingdom rose to its highest peak of glory during the reign of Krishna Deva Raya.
  • The Kingdom under Krishna Deva Raya called as Golden age of Telugu literature.
  • Tenali Ramakrishna – the scholar who was famous for his wisdom, was a prominent member of Krishna Deva’s court.


5. Quick Facts about King Krishnadevaraya :

Header Details
Other Name Sri Krishna Deva Raya
Born 1471 C.E.
Birthplace Hampi, Karnataka
Reign 1509 C.E. – 1529 C.E.
Title Rajakesari
Religion and Belief Hinduism
Capital Vijaynagar
Queens Consort Chinna Devi, Tirumala Devi, jaganmohini
Children Tirumala Raya
Predecessor Viranarasimha Raya
Successor Achyuta Deva Raya
Father Tuluva Narasa Nayaka
Success in War’s Gajapati kings of Odisha, Ganga Raja on the Kaveri banks, Sultan of Bijapur, Bahamani ruler Ismail Adil Shah
Ruled Area Ruled almost all southern India and extended north to Raichur Dobe
Arts and Creations Vithalswami temple, Hazara temple
Death 1529 C.E.


6. Vittala Temple:

  • Vittala Temple is the most extravagant architectural showpiece of Hampi.
  • The temple was originally built in the 15th century AD and the further kings enhanced it in many ways.
    It is the most visited monument in Hampi.
  • The highlight of Vittala temple is its impressive pillared halls and the stone chariot.

Vittala Temple Built by Great King Krishnadevaraya - Factins

7. Hazara temple:

  • Hazara Rama Temple in Hampi is an important shrine in Hampi.
  • The temple stands as an example of the excellent craftsmanship of Vijayanagara’s sculptors.
  • The walls of the temple carry the story of Ramayana carved on stone.

Hazara Temple Built by Great King Krishnadevaraya
Hazara Temple
Hazara Temple Curved Stone - Hazara Temple - Factins
Sculpture about Ramayana at Hazara Temple

8. Inspirational Facts:

  • Great King Krishnadevaraya referred as a great ruler and a man of justice.


Other Interesting Facts :

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