Giant sequoia Tree located in California.

It is 84 meters high and 10 meters in diameter at the trunk.

This tree is world’s largest and oldest known living tree in earth.

The tree grows at high altitudes from 5,000 to 8,000 feet and only occurs naturally in about 65 to 75 disjoint groves. As reported the tree has living more than 3000 years. But the tree contains most as dead woods.


Sequoia Tree Width at the base
Sequoia Tree Width at the base


10 years ago, it was very large branch had broke and fell near to fence and cratered the walkway pavement surrounding the sequoia, After losing the branch also the tree stands like a king.


Sequoia broken branch
Sequoia Tree broken branch


The Tree Facts:

Estimated Age                                   : 2300 – 3000 Years

Estimated Weight of the trunk   : 1285 tons.

Height above Base                          : 274.9 ft.

Circumstance at ground                : 102.8 ft.

Maximum Diameter at base        : 26.5 ft.

Diameter at 50 ft. from ground  : 17.5 ft.

Diameter at 110 ft. above ground : 14.0 ft.

Diameter of largest branch          : 6.8 ft.

Height of the first large branch  : 130 ft.

Volume of the trunk                       : 52,500 cu. Ft.


View from bottom of the tree
View from bottom of the tree


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