The Basilica of Bom Jesus, located 10 km east Panaji(Goa), India.

The Southern Indian State, Goa has some world famous churches and convents, particularly the Church of Bom Jesus, which contains the tomb of St. Francis-Xavier and Se’ Cathedral.

It was built in 16th century.

St. Francis Xavier Church - Front View
St. Francis Xavier Church – Front View

This church is considered as one of the best examples of baroque architecture in India.

The layout follows simple Renaissance norms while the detailing and decoration is unabashed Baroque.

It’s an opulent structure, which incorporates white marble and has beautifully gilded altars decorated with frescoes and inlay work.

The Basilica houses the sacred relics of St. Francis Xavier, patron saint of Goa who died in 1552. Cosimo de Medici III, Grand Duke of Tuscany, gifted the mortal remains of the saint to the church.

Today, the embalmed body lies in an airtight glass coffin positioned in a silver casket crafted by a 17th century Florentine sculptor, Giovanni Batista Foggini.

St.-Francis Xavier body

The mausoleum of St. Xavier is a marvel of Italian art and Hindu craftsmanship. The elaborately gilded altars are fine examples of sculptures and carvings in wood, stone, gold and granite. Columns are covered with marble and inlaid with precious stones. The church also houses paintings depicting the life of St. Francis Xavier.

Se’ Cathedral : Religious buildings of Goa was constructed in 16th century the Roman Catholics under the Portuguese rule. The Cathedral, the largest church in Asia, is dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria on whose feast day in 1510, Alfonso Albuquerque defeated the Muslim army and took possession of the city of Goa. Hence, it is also known as St. Catherine’s’ Cathedral.

Se Cathedral Goa - Front View

The St. Catherine’s’ Cathedral church is about 76 m in length and 55 m in breadth and about 35 m high.

The construction of Cathedral church started in 1562 and ended with 1619 and it was consecrated in 1640.

Se Cathedral - Side View
Se Cathedral – Side View

The church is also one of the best examples of baroque architecture from the Portuguese era.

Church of St. Augustine : St. Augustine Church that once stood at the site. Initially built of laterite and colossal in size, almost forty-six meters high, it had four storeys. The Tower was meant to serve as a belfry and the Church had eight richly adorned chapels and four altars and a convent with numerous cells attached to it.

Augustine Church
Augustine Church

The Construction started before 400 years and it was believed that it had built by a Italian.

Only half the tower that is visited by thousands of tourists today.

Twenty fabulous churches which once existed in the old city of Velha Goa, only ten remain today. And of these four are actually chapels. The churches were located on and between seven hills around the Velha Goa region.

Church of Lady of Rosary : This church has two chapels and three altars, the main altar is dedicated to Our lady of the Rosary though the influences of Gothic Style are seen in the Rb-Vault of the Portico.

Lady of Rosary Church Goa
Lady of Rosary Church Goa

This church was built between 1544 to 1547.

This church was built with Manuline style in interior and in exterior.

Famous Churches : Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Church of Lady of Rosary; Church of St. Augustine.


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