• Benefit of marsh ecosystem to environment is just because its home-shelter for plenty of species and plants.
  • It usually found at edge of lakes, River basin and wet areas.
  • Marsh land is to save environment and Ground Water.
  • A marsh is a wetland that is dominated byherbaceous rather than woody plant species.
Marshland - Benefit of marsh ecosystem to environment - Factins
Marsh land (Source)

Wetland species:

  • Marshes provide habitats for many kinds of invertebrates, fish, amphibians, waterfowl and aquatic mammals.
  • wetland plant species formed by grasses, rushes or reeds.
  • Marshes provide a habitat for many species of plants, animals, and insects that have adapted to living in flooded conditions and the plants which survive in wet mud with low oxygen levels.
  • Aquatic animals, fish to salamanders, are generally able to live with a low amount of oxygen in the water.
  • Some can obtain oxygen from the air instead, while others can live indefinitely in conditions of low oxygen.


Marsh land Birds - Benefit of marsh ecosystem to environment - Factins
Marshland – Bird


Marsh land Birds - Benefit of marsh ecosystem to environment - Factins
Marsh land Birds


Types of wetlands:

  • The three main types of marsh are salt marshes, freshwater tidal marshes, and freshwater marshes.
  • These three can be found worldwide and each contains a different set of organisms.


List of wetlands  (Source) :

  • Pantanal – Brazil
  • Camargue – France
  • Wasur National Park – Indonesia
  • Kakadu Wetlands – Australia
  • Kerala Backwaters – India
  • Okavango – Botswana
  • Kafue – Zambia
  • Everglades – USA
  • Lower Danube and Danube Delta – Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine
  • Sundarbans – Bangladesh


Benefit of marsh ecosystem to environment and to humans:

  • Marshes also improve water quality by acting as a sink to filter pollutantsand sediment from the water that flows through them.
  • Marshes and other wetlands are able to absorb water during periods of heavy rainfall and slowly release it into waterways and therefore reduce the magnitude of flooding.
  • The pH in marshes tends to be neutral.


Wetland Plants
Wetland Plants


why it is important to protect wetlands:

  • Wetlands are areas of land where the water level remains near or above the surface of the ground for most of the year.
  • Wetlands cover about 8% of the earth’s land surface.
  • Marshland are several kinds of wetlands such as marshes, swamps, lagoons, bogs, fens and mangroves.
  • Marshland is home to some of the richest, most diverse and fragile of natural resources.
  • Marshland support plenty of plants and animals life, biologically they are one of the most productive ecosystems.


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Benefit of marsh ecosystem to environment
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