Kodiyakarai is a village in India, it is located in the taluk of Vedaranyam, district of Nagapattinam, in the State of Tamilnadu.

Ramar Padam is present in Kodiaykarai.

Ramar Padam - Kodiyakarai


Srilanka is very nearer to this location. This is the location where The Hindu God Lord Sri Rama sees Sri Lanka as said in scriptures . Lord Sri Ramar first choose this location to go to Sri Lanka, Later this route will reach other side of  the Sri Lanka, So he avoided choosing this route, and he selected Rameswaram to reach Srilanka.

Kodiyakarai is well known forest area and tourist place in which we can see lot of Deers and Monkey.


Kodiyakarai Forest

Kodiayakari Forest - Deer

In Kodiyakarai, “Point Calimere Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary” is located and it is around 21 square kilo meters, it’s one of the best place to visit in winter season.

This sanctuary is an area of high biodiversity, with many unique species of animals and birds.

Eighteen reptile species and nine amphibian species.

In winter seasons these waterbirds arrive from Rann of Kutch, Eastern Siberia, Northern Russia, Central Asia and parts of Europe for their feeding Season and start returning to those breeding places in January.

Kodiyakarai Forest

The Forest area spread over 20 square kilometers, which shows us an evergreen natural feel is winter season.

Kodiayakarai Chola Light House


In the 8th century a brick and mortar lighthouse at Calimere Point was built by the great Tamil Ruler Raja Raja Chola I, In 2004 by tsunami, the Light house damaged very badly.

In 1890 the British erected a 13 meter (43 ft) lighthouse at Point Calimere which is still in use near the remains of the old Chola lighthouse.

The Best place to visit the places in Kodiyakarai between (November to March), In summer season it is not the best place to visit, the average temperature maintained in summer is (30-35°C).

Inspirational Kodiyakarai Fact:

This place is famous for large congregations of waterbirds, especially greater flamingo.

Waterbird Flamingo - Kodiyakarai

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