Kutralam falls

Overview about Kutralam falls :

  • Also known as Herbal hill.
  • Situated at Kutralam , Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Total height is 167 m (548 ft).
  • The Watercourse of Kutralam falls is Chittar River.
  • An interesting holiday spot in South India.


Why Kutralam :

  • Kutralam is essentially a place for rest and relaxation.
  • Over 2000 types of flowers and plants have been identified in these hills.
  • It is very safer to drink a few mouthfuls of the water while bathing as the water.
  • The water is said to heal all digestive and urinary problems.
  • The water flows through rocks with sculptures of Shiva Lingams and other Gods, making a bath in the falls truly a divine experience.
  • Studies prove that the water of these falls have herbal properties which will heal several diseases.
  • Betel Nuts, Pure Honey, jackfruit, Rangosteen, Mountain banana, Dorian, Mangosteen, Custard Apple, Guava, Chikku, Mango and Gooseberries are a few of the fruits that grow on the hills of Kutralam.
  • Several rare herbs are also grown on farms in the hills.

Attractions at Kutralam falls :

  • There are 8 various falls.
  • Easily accessable falls are Main falls, five falls, old falls.
  • Other falls includes tiger falls , sitraruvi , senbagavei , Honey , pazhathottam, These falls are restricted by the Government to visit.
1. Main Falls – Peraruvi :
  • Kutralam Main Falls is the biggest waterfall in all of Kutralam.
  • The height is about 60m in height.
  • The flow of the water is interrupted by a natural crater, it reduce the speed of the water and making it safe for bathing.
  • The waterfall is so huge that nearly 200 to 300 people can bathe simultaneously.


2. Aiyntharuvi – Five Falls :
  • It is the most popular waterfall in Kutralam as it is delicate and suitable for people of all ages to bath.
  • From a bird’s eye view, the waterfall looks like the five headed mythical serpent, Adhisesha.
  • The water flows down five different branches and joins together in a single stream as it flows downhill.
  • Of the five branches flow, two are dedicated for women to bathe while three are for men.


3. Pazhaya Courtalla Aruvi – Old Kutralam Falls :
  • Also known as Shivamathungai Falls, it is located at a distance of 5 km from the Main Falls.
  • This waterfall used to flow into a valley formed between two huge rocks.
  • It flows from a height of 200 feet and steps are cut into the rocks to reduce the impact of the water.
  • This makes it safe for bathing and there are separate areas for men and women.
  • Oil massage available near to falls.


4. Kannupuli Mettu :
  • Located 20 km from Kutralam.
  • Gundaru Dam, Enjoy the huge expanse of water stored in the reservoir of the dam is a breathtaking sight.
  • Public accesable falls and private falls are available here.
  • These falls are not like Kutralam falls, but which have distinct feature which makes us happy.
  • We can ejoy the zeep safri rides to access the private falls.


Kutralam falls - Kannupuli mettu private falls - Factins
Kannupuli mettu private falls
5. Kumbavuruti Aruvi – Kumbavuruti Falls :
  • This waterfall is located at a distance of 32 kms from Kutralam. on the way to Achan Koil in Kerala near Sengottai.
  • It is situated above hills.
  • Either we need to Zeep or Safari, due to road condition on the Hills.
  • On travelling through winding hairpin bends and through dense forests, you can feel the pleasure before reaching waterfall.
  • Kumbavuruti Falls has unique sign among all, bathing and swimming allowed here.
Kumbavuruti Falls - Kutralam Falls - Factins
Kumbavuruti Falls

So How and when to Reach:

  • Plan for 3-5 days, You can enjoy those five days here with full of enjoyment.
  • Best time to visit coutalam is from Jun to Dec.
  • Nearest railway station is Tenkasi.(5 km)
  • Nearest airport is Tuticorin (100 km).
  • Nearest bus stand, Courtalam and Senkottai.


What can i do other than Kutralam Waterfalls :

Are you hungry, Kutralam brings you a new taste, Dont forget to have below items at courtalam.

  • Periya lala kadai
  • The Border Kadai
  • Vinayaga Dosa Kadai


Famous Temples Near Kutralam :

Kutralam also famous for Devotiees, Many famous temples are easily accessable from here,

  • Kutraleswarar temple – Near main falls, Best time to visit in early morning.
  • Tirumalai kovil – Located in Hill
  • Tenkasi kasi visvanathar temple – Best time to visit in evening.
  • Achankovil temple – 30km from Courtalam, On the way enjoy the beautiful natural scenaries.
  • Kasi Viswanthar Temple at Tenkasi, 6 kms away from Kutralam
  • Thirumalai Temple at Panpoli, 8 kms away from Kutralam
  • Kumaran Temple at Ilanji, 3 kms away from Kutralam
  • Dakshinamoorthy Temple at Puliyarai, 12kms west of Kutralam
  • Ulagaambihai and Lord Shiva Temple at Papanasam, 35kms to the Southeast of Kutralam
  • Ariyankavu Aiyappan Temple, 35 kms to the Northwest of Kutralam
  • Sri siddheswari peetham.


Mettu Private falls Zeep Ride

Other Famous Tourist Spots :

Are you planning for more days to enjoy, Here we go nearest best attractions.

  • Papanasam River at a distance of 35 kms from Kutralam.
  • Agasthiyar Falls located near Papanasam.
  • Lower Papanasam Dam, the upper Papanasam (Kaaraiyar) Dam, Servalar Dam.
  • Manimuthar Dam and Falls. You will get exited here !!.
  • Kalakaddu – Mundanthurai Tiger Sanctuary near Papanasam
  • The tea estates and other plantations at Maanjolai, Manimutharu and Oothu.


These places needs to be reached only in season time Jun to Dec, If you want a great feel.

So plan a trip to Kutralam and enjoy a refreshing bath in magnificent waterfalls.

Way to Mettu falls - Kutralam Falls - Factins
Way to Mettu falls – Kutralam Falls

Amazing facts about Kutralam falls :

  • Kutralam waterfalls is the best waterfall in Tamilnadu.


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