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1.           Komodo dragons are the largest lizard species.

2.           Komodo dragons were identified 100 years back, accidentally when a plane landed on an island.

3.           Komodo dragon can reach up to 10 feet in length.

5.           Komodo dragon can run 20 km per hour.

6.           They used to live up to 30 years, weigh up to 200 pounds.

7.           Komodos have good vision. They can see objects as far away as 300 m.

8.           Komodos come in blue, orange, green and gray colors.

9.           They have long claws and a large, muscular large tail, which can act as 5th leg for them.

10.         Komodo dragon lives in Indonesia Islands : Komodo, Flores, Rinca and Gili Motang.

11.         Scientists predicted that they were originally from Australia.

12.         Female dragons lay their eggs in the abandoned dug-out nests. The eggs incubate for around nine months.

13.         Komodo dragons mouth is stewing with an 60 different strains of bacteria which infect the species after its bite. The infection considered as very dangerous, Sepsis sets in within hours and death usually occurs within a day.

14.         Komodo dragons can climb trees using their claws in young, after mature it cannot due to its over weight.

15.         They used to fight with another adults for forming and protect their area. The fight can take even up to 2 hours.

16.         Komodo has forked tongue like snakes to detect a prey by smell.

Facts about komodo dragon - Factins



17.         Komodo can locate the prey that is 4 miles away using their sensitive tongues.

18.         Komodo used to hunt in day, because in night almost they are blind.

19.         In rainy season, they used to hide in their burrows to prevent heat loss, because they cold-blooded animals.

20.         Baby lizards uses to live on the trees from the moment they are born, to protect them self from adult dragons.

21.         Female lays 15-30 eggs in the hole in the ground in reproductive season. Their eggs look like balloons filled with water.

Facts about komodo dragon - Factins



22.         Their hunting strategy is based on stealth and power.

23.         The World Animal Foundation estimates the number of Komodos is 6,000. In which 1,700 on Komodo, 1,300 on Rinca, 100 on Gili Motang and around 2,000 on Flores.

24.         They can spend many hours in one spot, waiting for a deer, boar, goat or anything sizable and nutritious.

25.         Komodos can throw up some contents from their stomachs to lessen their weight in order to flee.

26.         According to Australian fossil records, Komodo dragons had lived in Australia 900,000 years before.

27.         They are dangerous to humans, they were killed 5 humans till now.

28.         Komodo have a much smaller hearing range than humans.

Komodo dragon Diet :

1.          Komodo dragons are carnivores, known as meat-eaters.

2.          They usually eat fishes, deer, snakes, pigs and water buffalo. Sometimes they used to eat its own kind.


Interesting Facts about Komodo Dragons :

1.          Komodo dragons are different from other animals, they used to eat bones and hooves as well.

2.          Incredibly they used to eat 80% of its weight for one time. Assume that if a Dragon weighs 50 kg, used to have 40 kg in one shot.

3.          Komodo dragons are great swimmers. They can even swim from one island to another island.

4.          This massive giant animal also known by the local people as “Ora,” or “Land crocodile.”

Facts about komodo dragon - Factins


Quick Facts :

Header Information
Name Komodo Dragon
Other Names Ora,Land crocodile
Scientific name Varanus komodoensis
Higher classification Lizards
Wight 50 – 120 kg
Length 10 feet
Height 50 cm
Speed 20 km/h
Habits Komodo Island
Lifespan 30 years
Total Species 6000
Types of species 50
Threatened Vulnerable
Endangered Species Yes


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40 Interesting Facts about Komodo Dragons
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