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1.     Retinas are capturing the image as upside down, but our brain flip it to see it in perfect position.
2.    Our retinas cannot identify the red color.
3.     An average human blinks his eye 17 times per minute.
4.     Human eye balls size stands at same size from your birth.
5.     80% our memories will be identified by what we see.
6.     Eye scanner is more secure than human finger prints, finger prints has 40 unique characteristic, but the retina has 256 unique characteristic.
7.     Eyes has the fastest moving muscles in our body, it reacts in fraction of seconds that other parts cannot do.
8.     Eyes do only capture, our humans only identify and tells other actions about what it captures.
9.     It is impossible for humans to sneeze and blink at same time.
10.     Human is blinking his eye 42,00,000 times in a year.
11.     Human eye has cornea which is the only part in human body that does not contain blood vessels.
12.     Human blink his eye 24/7 and which does not require any rest.
13.     New babies eye will not produce tears while crying. Tears used to get produced after 6 weeks.
14.     Human can blink up-to 5 times in a second, it is not possible to blink more than that. Try it !!.
15.     Our eyes have almost 107 million light sensitive cells impressively.
16.     In which about 100 million sensitive cells used to identify back and white colors, Other 7 million cells used to define other colors.
17.     It is good to have sunglasses in bright light to protect our eye from UV rays.
18.     Our nose gets wet, when we cry, because the tears used to flow from eyes to nose.
19.     Our 50% of brain is fully allocated to our Vision and seeing to predicting and making them to realize.
20.     Scientists still have no clue on the tears are getting produced when we cry.



21.     Average eye ball weighs about 28 grams.
22.     We can see only 1/6 of eye ball from outside.
23.     Over the years, the tear’s production getting reduced.
24.     Our eyelids are getting closed automatically without intimating us to protect eye from danger.
25.     Eyebrows avoids the sweat and dust drip into eyes.
26.     Our eyes are made-up with brilliant functions, even if we have small hole in retina we cannot identify it. Our eyes work internally together and removes the conflict of the hole and produces the best vision.
27.     A human eye is equal to 576 Megapixel camera.
28.     Our eye have 2 million moving parts in it.
29.     Human can see up-to 200 degrees in range.
30.     Eye tear is used to make the eye healthy and keeps improves the nerve’s strength.
31.     Our eye tear is a combination of water, fats, sugars and proteins. If our eyes are getting dry, brain involves and making it produce the tears.
32.     20/20 Vision is a normal vision of a human. It actually means human can see the image in 20 feet without any disturbance.
33.     Our eye lens are the quickest one than any other lens around the world.



Important Eye health tips  :

  • Having enough Vitamin A(Beta Carotene) makes your eye healthier.
  • Carrots contains plenty of Beta Carotene, sweet potatoes, squash, eggs, and green leafy vegetables makes your eye health.
  • It is important to have Oily fish items, Vitamin A, Vitamin C contents.
  • Wear rays reflection glasses in bright areas.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Give some rest for better functioning.
  • Do eye exercise for every 3 hours.
  • Do periodic eye checkup for every one year.


Aww facts about human eye :

Human eye is a wonderful creation by nature. It is the only part after brain in our human body that cannot be transplanted, because which contains millions of nerves that connects with each eye and brain, we not even think about its restructuring.

Our eyes are amazing creatures in the world, No one artificially make the eyes as it do. We won’t know the values of eyes until happens anything. Keep your eyes healthy always.


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40 Interesting facts about human eyes
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