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Pamban rail Bridge View from Road Bridge (Source)

Pamban raiway bridge is well known as India’s Iconic Bridge.

Its also referred as cantilever bridge, Means two cantilever arms fitted in the piers extending from either sides and meeting at the center without supports.

The Pamban railway bridge is known as India’s first sea bridge.

With 143 pillars the railway bridge stands between mandapamm and pamban.

The railway bridge has 2 km length.

This bridge was considered as the India’s Longest Bridge Till 2010.

Now it is the second longest sea bridge in India. (First place occupied by Bandra-Worli, Mumbai).

This bridge was contructed by British administration and commissioned on 1914.

The railway bridge was survived after a major cyclone that flattened Dhanushkodi in 1964.

This railway bridge become major tourist attraction in South India.

It is believved that in 14th ccentury the Mandapam and Rameswaram were connected, By a cyclone in 15th century devide it and made rameswaram as a Island.

The split of the bridge is a sight to marvel and will be stunning.


Leaf Bascule (Bridge Divider) :

There is a double leaf bascule in the center of this bridge.

This bascule section opens up and let the ships and boats to cross the pamban bridge over the sea.

Based on the records averagely there are 10 to 15 large boats or ships (coast guard boats, cargo ships, container ships etc.,) pass beneath this bridge every month.

The bascule was designed by “Scherzer” a German engineer, the bascule part of the bridge is called as “Scherzer rolling type lift span”

The length of 220 feet and weight of 200 tonnes (each leaf weighs 100 tonnes separately).

Till date these heavy weight leaves are lifted manually by workers operating levers on either side.

This bridge is located 12.5 metres (41 ft) above sea level.

It is considered as one of the India’s most dangerous bridge.

This bridge is Listed in longest bridges in the world.

Pamban Rail Bridge at Center point
Pamban Rail Bridge at Center point


Quick Facts  about Pamban Rail Bridge:

Header Information
Location Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, India
Construction start 1911
Construction end 1914
Opened 1915
Total length 6,776 feet (2,065 m)
No. of spans 143
Relion and Belief Buddhism
No. of tracks 1
Owner Indian Railways
Track gauge broad gauge


The Pamban rail bridge stands worlds second most corrosive environment with Cyclone prone and high velocity wind zone after Florida.

Indian Railways is vying to bring the bridge in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

This bridge stands besides of the famous Pamban Road Bridge.


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