Fraser Island is considered as one of the must visit place in Australia in terms of Nature Wonders. Australian Government had recognized is as one of the best tourist places in Australia.

Fraser Island - Factins
Fraser Island


1.           This Island is known as K’Gari (paradise) to the Aborigines

2.           Fraser Island southeastern coast of the state of Queensland, Australia.

3.           Fraser Island is about 300 km from North Brisbane and 15 km off the coast of Hervey Bay.

4.           Its total length is about 120 km and 24 km wide.

5.           It spread over 184,000 hectares.

6.           The Fraser Island is over 800,000 years old

7.           Fraser Island has over 100 freshwater lakes for bathing and swimming.

8.           Fraser Island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world at 1,840 km.

9.           This island has rainforests, eucalyptus woodland, mangrove forests, wallum and peat swamps, sand dunes and coastal heaths and much more.

 sand dunes- Fraser Island - Factins
Sand dunes


10.          It was part of World Heritage Site in 1992 as Natural Site.

11.          It also hold largest island in Queensland.

12.          The population of resident humans was 200 in 2011.

13.          Fraser Island has been inhabited by humans for as much as 5,000 years.

14.          The Fraser Island was announced as one of the Q150 Icons of Queensland for its role as a “Natural attraction”.

15.          Fraser Island is home-shelter to many number of mammal species.

16.          The island contains variety range of birds reptiles and amphibians, including the occasional saltwater crocodile.

17.          The island is made up of sand. It is believed that has been accumulating for approximately 750,000 years on volcanic bedrock.

18.          Eli Creek is the largest creek on the eastern beach.

19.          Eli Creek flows daily over 80 million liters of water into the Pacific Ocean.

Rain Forest - Fraser Island - Factins
Fraser Island – Rain Forest


20.          The high temperature ever recorded is 35°C whereas low temperature is 5°C.

21.          The island has average 150 rainy days.

22.          Boomanjin Lake is the world’s largest perched lake found here.

Lake Boomanjin


23.          Fraser Island contains plenty of Eucalyptus forest which makes for a very nicely smelling island.

24.          Fraser Island is the only place in the world in which the rainforest formed on sand.

25.          Eli Creek the crystal clear water of the creek is actually drinkable.

26.          Fraser Island is one of the best natural wonders in Australia.

27.          Central Station, Champagne Pools, Eli Creek, Eurong, Happy Valley, Indian Head, Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby, Maheno Shipwreck are considered as the best places in Fraser Island.

28.          Fraser Island is Australia’s sixth largest island.


Map - Fraser Island - Factins
Fraser Island Map

Species and Mammals in Fraser Island :

1.           There are More than 900 species flora and other plants thrive on the island.

2.           74 different species of reptiles identified on Fraser Island.

3.           18 species of snakes identified in which one is considered as very dangerous.

4.           350 different species of birds on the island.

5.           Freshwater turtles like Kreffts river turtle are found in the island’s lakes and creeks.

6.           Humpback whales and some species of dolphins are can be seen in this area.

Hump Whale - Fraser Island - Factins
Hump Whale


7.           Long finned eels and giant earthworms habitats in this island.

8.           25 types of freshwater fish species are found in the island’s lakes.

9.           50 different types of mammals can be found in island.

10.          Swamp wallabies, echidnas, ringtail and brushtail possums, sugar gliders, squirrel gliders, phascogales, bandicoots, potoroos, flying foxes and dingoes are the unique animals usually live here.

11.          More than 500 Dingoes are roaming in this islands.

12.          Australia is the home-shelter for Dingoes.

Dingoes - Fraser Island - Factins


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