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1.          Spotted hyenas are known for their “laughs”, it makes human crazy.

2.          Hyenas are large carnivores, they look like large dogs.

3.          They are four types of hyenas found, categories are spotted, brown, striped, and aardwolf.

4.          Hyenas are 70 cm in height and weighs about 40 kg.

5.          Hyenas prefer to live with their group around 50 members.

6.          It is estimated that 12,000 hyenas there around the world.

7.          Hyenas can run impressively 60 km/h.

8.          Scientist estimates, Hyenas originated in the jungles 20 million years ago.

9.          They were spread over forests of Southern Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

10.          Some large sized hyenas habitats in Sahara Desert.

11.          They have massive teeth to bite any hard skin.

12.          The power of hyenas big bite is 1000 psi, which is equal power of tiger, lion and 1/4 of crocodile.

Hyena Big Jaw Power - Big Bite - Spotted Hyena facts - Factins
Hyena Big Jaw

Spotted Hyena Diet :

1.          Hyenas are very dangerous predators, they used to hunt all mammals.

2.          Enemies of hyenas are lions and wild dogs.

3.          Hyenas prefer to hunt at night.

4.          They used to eat fresh hunted and stolen meats from other predators.

5.          Hyenas used to hunt small lion cubs, when lions not there.

6.          Hyenas used to eat all types of meats, they shall not prefer any specific food. It may be fresh, dead, taste or tasteless or whatever it is.


Hyena Diet - Deadly animal - Spotted Hyena facts

Hyena Offspring :

1.          The Mother Hyena feeds cubs with milk 12-18 month.

2.          Female hyena have two nipples. Their Cubs fight for food from the mother.

3.          The mother hyena used to leave the weakest cub to prevent other healthy cubs.

4.          The baby hyenas start eating meat after 5 – 6 months.


Quick Spotted hyena Facts :

Header Information
Name Spotted Hyena
Other Names Ora,Land crocodile
Types Mammals
Scientific name Hyaenidae
Higher classification  Hyaenidae
Wight 40 – 50 kg
Length 120 cm
Height 70 – 80 cm
Speed  60 km/h
Habits Southern Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt
Lifespan 12 – 20 years
Total Species 15000
Types of species spotted, brown, striped, and the aardwolf (4)
Threatened Least Concern
Endangered Species No
Jaw Force 1000 PSI (¼ of Crocodile power)


Spotted Hyena facts


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