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  • Hampi- the Most Googled Historical Place in Karnataka.
  • Virupaksha Temple – it is One of the Oldest Functioning Temples of India.
  • Vittala Temple is one of the must see places in hampi.
  • Chariot is located inside the Vittala Temple campus.
  • This heritage site is located near the River Tungabhadra, Karnataka, India.
  • The stone chariot is one of the iconic structures of Hampi.
  • Hampi is the town of ruins of Vijayanagara Empire.
  • Hampi is one of the most searched historical places in India. Tempting us to visit !!.
  • The king got inspired fascinated with the Konark Sun temple chariot while fighting a battle in Odissa.
  • The chariot is meant to represent the beauty and artistic perfection of this great Empire.
  • An interesting myth of Hampi chariot as villagers believe that the world would come to a halt when the chariot moves from its place.
  • This chariot by the Dravidian style of architecture.
  • The beauty of the chariot lies in the fact that it looks like one solid structure but it built by many stones.
  • The chariot has been built entirely by granite.
  • The linking styles of those stones are still hidden cannot predictable by experts.
  • The place is designated as one of India’s most known archaeological destinations.
  • The Stone Chariot once contained the icon on Garuda, Over the years it gone.
  • Mythologically, Garuda or the eagle is known to be the transporter of Lord Vishnu.
  • The myth declares Lord Rama and his brother had visited this region, while looking for Rama’s wife, Sita and visited this region to seek help from Vail and Sugriv (2 monkey brothers), who ruled the region.
  • The area was spread over 26 square kilometres, most of the are ruined now.
  • The “Stone Chariot”, as it is the flagship tourist attraction of Hampi.


Hampi temple is designated as UNESCO Heritage sites in 1986.

Hampi Temple - Factins
The Hampi Temple Chariot Wheel

Hampi temple chariot Architecture :

  • Two elephants positioned in front of the chariot and pulling the chariot.
  • Elephants brought from different places.
  • The shrine looks like a monolithic rock but it actually built with many giant rocks and joint together.
  • The chariot is resting on four giant wheels.
  • Series of flowers surrounding the wheel.
  • The carvings and decorative on joints of the chariot will be a stunning architecture, which made this as UNESCO Site.


Government of India printed the famous the Hampi temple chariot in 50 rupees note.

Hampi chariot on 50 rupees note India - Hampi Temple - Factins
Hampi chariot on 50 rupees note

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