Overview of Glacier bay:

  • Glacier bay Located at Alaska, USA.
  • It spread over 3,280,198 acres.
  • The Bay National Park and Preserve occupies the northernmost section of the southeastern Alaska coastline, between the Gulf of Alaska and Canada.
  • The park’s tallest peak at 15,300 feet (4,700 m).
  • The park received an average of about 470,000 recreational visitors annually from 2007 to 2016. Impressive !!.
  • It is estimated as before 10,000 years this place was occupied by human.
  • This National Park has the only glacier in the US continental that flows directly into the Pacific Ocean.
  • As marine waters make up nearly one-fifth of the park.

Glacier Bay - Map - Factins

Environment at Glacier bay :

  • The Park is named for its abundant tidewater and terrestrial glaciers, total counted 1,045.
  • There are seven tidewater glaciers in the park: Margerie Glacier,McBride Glacier, Grand Pacific Glacier,
  • Lamplugh Glacier, Johns Hopkins Glacier, Gilman Glacier, and LaPerouse Glacier.
  • On 1916 the Grand Pacific Glacier was at the head of Tarr Inlet about 65 miles (105 km) from Glacier Bay’s mouth. This is the fastest documented glacier retreat.
  • At peak time, About 1,500 m thick sheet of ice covered the area of southern Alaska.
  • 90% of visitors to Glacier arrive on cruise ships.

Glacier bay - Factins



Living Species at Glacier Bay :

  • This park is rich with marine life it has distinct species..
  • Other mammals including orcas, Stellar sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters and porpoises.
  • This place is homeshelter for large glacier bears
  • Various Moose, wolves, Sitka blacktail deer, mountain goats and bald eagle also thrive in the park.

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Humpback Whale :

  • Humpback Whale, largest animal in Glacier  and its from Whale kind which is the Largest Mammal on Earth.
  • The Humpback Whale from Glacier bay used to grow about 16 m in length.
  • The total weight of this mammal is impressively about 35 tons.
  • This animal is listed in endangered species list.
  • Seeing a humpback whale in Glacier Bay is an unforgettable experience for many visitors.
Humping Whale at National Park
Humping Whale at National Park

Things to Do in Glacier Bay :

  • Alaska contains largest national park, highest peak, longest coastline, biggest state, longest day and night.
  • People can enjoy wild adventure, environment history, people culture, fishing, hiking, skiing, wildlife scenaries and watching and beautiful scenaries.
  • Fishing at park will be an amazing for tourist visitors.
  • This place gives you all best features. So what else a human expect in his life to do ?.
Fishing at Glacier - Faxtins
Fishing at Glacier



Major attractions at Glacier Bay :

  • Some of the Beautiful attractions that you should not missed at Glacier Bay.
  • Going-to-the-Sun Road, Grinnell Glacier, Iceberg Lake Trail, Highline Trail are major attractions.
  • Lake attractions including valanche Lake, Lake McDonald, Swiftcurrent Lake, St. Mary Lake
  • Some of the amazing Water falls are Virginia Falls, Running Eagle Falls, St. Mary Falls, Baring Falls.
  • The National Park Service arranges cooperative programs to provide interpretive services aboard the ships and boats that offer excursion trips to park places.



Designations for Glacier Bay:

  • The Glacier Bay National Park was added in 1992 to the Heritage Site.
  • Encircling the park to the west is the Fairweather Range, the highest coastal mountains in the world at 15,000 feet.


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