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  • Interesting facts giant squid is one of the biggest animals on the planet.
  • It can be long as a school bus, imagine yourself.
  • The real giant squid largest ever recorded by scientists was almost 43 feet (13 meters) long.
  • The giant squid may have weighed nearly a ton.
  • The North Atlantic,the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, and California where the giant squid used to live in deep ocean.
  • Giant squids live on the depth of 3000 to 6000 feet (1 – 2km).
  • The giant squid has never been captured alive.
  • This colossal squid is currently on display at a national museum in New Zealand. It’s the largest known squids to grow up to 46 feet in length.
  • The Giant squid hearts likely counted as 3.
  • Giant squids have the largest eyes of any living creature in the world.
  • Eye of the giant squid has 10 inches in diameter. It is the size of the beach ball.
  • The huge eyes which enable them to detect objects in the light-less ambient.
  • They have eight arms and two longer feeding tentacles that help them bring food to their beak-like mouths.
  • Food chain of giant squid likely consists of fish, shrimp, and other squid.


Sperm whale vs giant squid:

  • Is it a trending one, YES !! Squids usually hunting small sized whales, Impressive, an animal eating Largest mammal on the earth.
  • In the opposite side of giant squid vs sperm whale, the largest sperm whales used to hunt giant squids.
Giant Squid Hunting Whale - interesting facts giant squid - Factins
Giant Squid Hunting Whale
  • Giant squid is one of the most mysterious creatures because it lives in very deep and cold water which is not easily accessible to no one.
  • It has strong jaws which are shaped like a parrot beak.
  • Giant squids is one of the fastest moving squids in the sea, due to its size.
  • The only known predator of the giant squid is the sperm whale, it love to chow down squids.
  • Just like other squids, giant squid is able to release ink which masks the trails and facilitates its escape. Some deep squids produce and release luminescent ink.
  • Giant squids do not live long. Females die immediately after spawning, at the age of three years.
  • It has two eyes, a beak, eight arms, two feeding tentacles, and a funnel.
  • These feeding tentacles are very long, often doubling the total length of the giant squid on their own.
  • The longest mantle length on record is 7.4 feet (2.25 meters); the length from the tip of the top fin to the end of the arms rarely exceeds 16 feet (5 meters).
  • The ocean holds an estimated 500 species of squid—and almost all of those are in the same taxonomic order as the giant squid, called Oegopsina.
  • Some are surprisingly about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) in length. Others are impressively large, including the colossal squid reaching 45 feet (14 meters).
  • These squid species are closely related to snails, clams, and even slugs, which are defined by their soft bodies.


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