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1.     The gaur also called Indian bison.
2.     Gaur is the largest of bovine kind.
3.     It habitats in Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.
4.     Gaur is also largest of tallest of wild cattle species.
5.     The gaur is a strong and massively built species with a high convex ridge on the forehead between the horns, which bends forward.
6.     The hair of gaur becomes very thin on the back.
7.     This mammal have a lifespan about 12 – 18 years.
8.     It has a head-and-body length of 250 to 330 cm.
9.     The tail length about 70 to 105 cm.
10.     This bull can produce more than 10 litres per day.
11.     Its muscular hump just behind its shoulder gives the attraction to Gaur.
12.     The muscular hump gives the unique attraction and indicate the power of Gaur.
13.     The Indian adult male Gaur weighs between impressively 1.3 to 1.8 ton.
14.     Gaur do not have a distinct dewlap on the throat and chest.
15.     Gaur is one of the largest living land animals in the world.
16.     This is also listed in one of the Biggest mammals on earth.

Indian Bull - Factins



17.     Only rhinos, elephant, giraffe are the heaviest animals than this giant bull.
18.     Gaur known to make a whistling snort as an alarm call like cow – moo.
19.     Gaur have powerful horns bigger than cows.
20.     The horns can grow impressively upto 120cm, which has power to lift a well grown lion.
21.     Young animals the horns are smooth and polished.
22.     The horns are more slender and upright and the frontal ridge is scarcely perceptible.
Indian Gaur Hump - Indian Bull - Factins
Indian Gaur Giant Hump


Powerful semen of giant Indian bull :

23.     The Indian bull is not only powerful also the high pried animal in the world.
24.     The one semen of this gaur can be sold upto 5000 dollar ( 3.4 lakh).
25.     It is believed the this gaur semen is the costliest semen in the world.
26.     The gaur which born through this semen will be the same power and provide the milk as the mother done.
27.     This semen has been used to improve the milk production of dairy buffalo in other countries, such as Italy and Egypt.
28.     The Interesting facts is this amazing giant bull will be sold with the price of 10 crore impressively.


Highly prices Indian Gaur - Indian Bull - Factins
Highly prices Indian Gaur


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