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The pamban is a well known fishermen town near rameshwaram.

The Pamban bridge is called by the name “Pamban palam”.

In 1988, a road bridge was constructed parallel to the rail bridge. It is known as Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge.

The road bridge was inaugurated by former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi On the date of October 2, 1988.

The Pamban Road Bridge connects the National Highway (NH 49) with the Rameswaram island.

This bridge is 2.345 km long Bridge.

The bridge is located 100 meter over sea level.

It took nearly 14 years to complete the full construction.

It stands between the shores of Mandapam and Pamban.

The Pamban railway bridge was the only link between Rameswaram and mandapam until 1988.

This road bridge is used to transport thousands of pilgrims everyday to the temple in the island.

Done miss dry fishes are available at Pamban town.

The split of the railway bridge from here will be an wonderful feel.

it should have been given once in five years as it was located in the world’s second highest corrosion prone area.

The bridge was built with arch-shaped design to allow ships to pass beneath it.

This bridge is buillt by 79 piers, 64 of which were built in the sea.

This is the first road bridge in India built over sea.

The main pillar is 115 m height.

Each pillar made with full of concrete.


Quick Facts about Pamban Bridge:

Header Information
Bridge Name Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge
Other Names Mandapam Road Bridge
Location Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, India
Construction start 1974
Construction end 1988
Total length 2 345 m
No. of Pillars 79
No. of Pillars 79
Relion and Belief Buddhism
No. of tracks 2 way road
Road Type National Highway(NH 49)


This bridge is considered as major attraction in rameswaram shared with Pamban Rail Bridge.


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