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  • Mathoor Hanging Bridge located in Mathur, Tamilnadu, India.
  • Nearby cities are Midalakadu, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari.
  • Locally called Thotti Palam, Mathur Bridge, Mathur Aqueduct.
  • Mathoor Hanging Bridge built by the Great Leader Kamarajar.
  • The canal transports water from one side of the hill to the other for irrigation requirements of the regions of Vilavancode and Kalkulam.
  • It was constructed as a drought relief measure and for the enhancement of agriculture in Vilavancode and Kalkulam taluks.
  • Later this bridge became a tourist attraction place with beautiful nature.
  • This bridge is an example for Indian Architectural.
  • The canal is held up by 28 massive pillars.
  • The peak of the pillars reaching 35 m, Impressive !!!.
  • It is identifies as the Asia’s tallest and longest trough bridge.
  • It is located with a height of 115 feet.
  • This bridge extends with a length of a 340 m.
  • Mathoor Hanging Trough is an aqueduct.
  • The bridge is built acrss a river called Parazhiyar.
  • It is the only one in India which act as Artifical Canal for water flow with height of 115 feet.
  • It is 100% worth to visit this amazing creature.
  • The view of the river from top of the bridge will be an amazing one.
  • Swimming and bathing is allowed in the River under the canal. Be careful, River is Depth.
  • This bridge is opened all the time.
  • Best time to visit from Jul to Feb.
  • It’s worth visiting the Hanging Bridge, Great view of Nature and the Pahrali River and off-course for Swimming.
  • Finally don’t forget to visit Thirparappu falls, One of the beautiful waterfalls in Tamilnadu. Which is located 3 km from this hanging bridge.


Mathur bridge top view - Hanging Bridge - Factins
Mathur Hanging Bridge Topview


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