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Human teeth are the beautiful part in human-body. Teeth is the first thing notified by a stranger. Here are the interesting facts about tooth and tips to improve teeth health.


Interesting facts about teeth :

1.         Teeth is the hardest part in our human body. Teeth enamel can break the human bone with its strength.

2.        As a known facts, an average human spends 50 days in his lifetime in brushing his teeth.

3.         Length of teeth will be almost 2 inches. 1/3 of entire tooth is exposed only outside, Remaining 2/3 of teeth is formed as root under jaws.

4.         25 % people in the world daily facing Tooth decay pain.

5.          Every tooth has unique prints like finger print.  We can differentiate a person by tooth print as well.

6.           Eye teeth in japan, the artificially change position of pointer teeth back to front. They believe this make them beautiful and highly attractive.

7.           Cheese protect from teeth cavities.

8.           Generally teeth root formation starts forming before child birth, but it will be shown outside only after 6 months. An adult human has 32 teeth in his lifetime.

9.           Saliva in mouth takes control to avoid affecting teeth by bacteria. It helps teeth from dryness.

10.         Adult man has 32 teeth and child have only 20 teeth.

Tips to Protect Teeth :

1.         Go brushing 2 times per day. Early morning and before you go to sleep.

2.         Keep your brush 6 feet away from toilet. Bacteria can affect your health through brush.

3.         Brushing keeps your teeth beautiful, but flossing the teeth avoid from decay. Go flossing every day properly.

4.         Recommended time for brushing is only 2 minutes, If you go above that level enamel gets affected.

5.         Oranges, Pineapple, strawberries contains acid that will be useful to clean teeth and whiten it.

6.         If your teeth and mouth smells bad. Apple protect again tooth smell and decay.

7.         Pumpkin makes your teeth healthier.

8.         All seafood items helps to improve enamel strength.

9.         Dry seeds and nuts solve the teeth nerve problems.

10.       Mouth splashing teeth using water avoid staying the foods at teeth.


Aww Facts about Teeth :

We can insert the bulb into our mouth, we cannot take it outside sue to our jaws formation. It we try to remove it it will harm out teeth. Most importantly don’t try this workout in you home.


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