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1.     The Giants Causeway is a natural rock formation located in Country Antrim, Northern ireland.
2.     The Causeway is packed with magnificent coastlines.
3.     It is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland and was voted as the 4th best natural wonder in the UK.
4.     UNESCO declared it as a natural wonder and listed in world Heritage site in 1986.
5.     It is believed that Giant’s Causeway formed 50 million years by volcanic action. As the lava cooled rapidly, it contracted, resulting in the instantly recognisable columnar structures.
6.     There is myth that it was built by a warrior giant named Finn MacCool who create a sturdy path to Scotland.
7.     The Giants Causeway is a public right of way, and thus visitors are allowed to walk along the columns and can enjoy a different perspective of the stones by taking a trek.
8.     The Causeway is an excellent place to spot sea birds, including razorbills, cormorants and petrels.
9.     It is the most popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland


Giants Causeway - Factins
Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway Columns :

10.     The Giant Causeway has about 40,000 interlocking columns made from basalt.
11.     The giant columns have a unique hexagonal shape. The columns are huge stepping stones.
12.     Some stones go unbelievably as high 40 feet.



Giant Columns - Giants Causeway - Factins
Giant Stones


14.     Some of the columns have four, seven or eight sides. Weathering of the rock formation has also created circular structures, which the locals call ‘giant’s eyes’.
15.     Many of the columns fit together so closely that it is impossible to insert a knife blade between them.Impressive !.
16.     In average each column have 50 cm in diameter.


Giants Causeway Columns Structure - Giants Causeway - Factins
Giants Causeway Columns Structure


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